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                   (with Jacquelyn Schneider) Journal of Conflict Resolution, Vol. 61 (3): 483-510.

Peer Reviewed

Publications & Working Papers

  • 2013   Establishing a Marketplace of Women in Peacekeeping: An Analysis of Gender Mainstreaming and its                       Viability in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” (with Kerry Crawford). Air and Space Power Journal,             Vol. 4 (1): 80-96.

Non Peer Reviewed
  • 2018   “South Korea: An Exogenous Case of Preference Realignment” in Eli Berman and David Lake (eds)                            Proxy Wars: Suppressing Transnational Violence Through Local Agents (Forthcoming, 2019).

  • 2007   “North Korea,” in Karl DeRouen and Paul Bellamy (eds) International Security and the United States                          (Connecticut: Praeger Security International).

Book Chapters
  • “Leadership Beliefs and State Threat Assessment: Saddam Hussein and the Iraq War 2003.” 

  • “Signals versus Indices: How Processes of Discovery affect Information Credibility.”

  • “U.S. Public Perceptions of Unmanned Weaponry” (with Jacquelyn Schneider).

Working Papers
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